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Document Retrieval Network. Real Estate Title Search, Document Retrieval & Recordings

Document Retrieval Network is a leading provider of nationwide document retrievals and statewide title searches for purchase, refinance, and foreclosure transactions. Our clients have come to rely on us as their go-to search provider because of our outstanding customer service, nationwide vendor management services, 48 hours turnaround time, and accurate search results. We have built a successful network of nationwide in-county abstractors to serve our client’s needs for a fast and accurate search. We have effectively finished many large nationwide document retrieval and recording projects. We provide focused statewide title searches in the states where our clients need us most. Title searches are currently offered in KY, OH, IN, IL, MI, NJ, NY, PA and TN. Document retrievals and recordings are offered nationwide.

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Our Culture

Document Retrieval Network’s office is located in a small Kentucky town where a group of friends began the business in 1999. Since we opened, the owners developed and instilled a servant-leader culture where everyone adds equally important value to the team while focusing on serving our clients. We serve our clients, abstractors, and one another with respect, kindness and fairness. We balance the needs of our clients and the demands on the abstractor to successfully fulfill our client’s needs while treating our abstractors with respect. Our relationships with our clients, abstractors, and team members are very important to the success of our company so we do everything we can to maintain and grow them.

Our Community

Document Retrieval Network was founded by owners who care about the local community. Our office was opened in a small Kentucky town to bring professional jobs to our community of 2,000 residents. We employ over 70 people right here in Kentucky. We support our community by donating to various charities and allow our team members to decide where the money goes. We have contributed to a local children’s center, senior home, and pet care clinic to rescue and care for pets; all of these are important to us and our team members.

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