About Us

DRN Document Retrieval Network. Real Estate Title Search, Document Retrieval & Recordings

Document Retrieval Network is an award winning company founded in August 1999 by a small group of friends with expertise in the mortgage and title insurance industry. We have grown to around 100 employees serving hundreds of customers.
Rather than marketing, our growth has been fueled by the expertise of our staff, our dedication to quality, and our commitment to satisfying our customers.

We began by offering document retrieval and recording services in KY, OH, and NY. Soon after, we expanded into 18 states on the East Coast and Midwest.

In 2001 we launched proprietary software to become possibly the first paperless office in the title industry. In June of 2002 we purchased and moved into an 8000 square foot office building to focus on building our team and secured technology.

In 2003 a large nationwide lender client, impressed with our service and quality, requested us to provide nationwide document retrieval and recording services. This extreme challenge was a great opportunity for which we had to expand our organizational resources in all areas. This client, as well as many others, continue to make DRN one of the largest doc retrieval companies in the country.

By early 2004 we expanded into full Title Search Services in OH, KY and IN. We have since added TN, IL, MI, NJ, NY and PA. We did this by recruiting, hiring and thoroughly training a large team of staff abstractors and title processing professionals.
In order to accomplish this expansion, we developed and continue to develop, what we believe is the best title knowledge and searcher training program in the industry.

From 2008 through 2011 we continued to grow through a difficult economic downturn by developing our skills in complex title issues.

In 2017 we celebrated the achievement of processing 1,500,000 orders and entered a new period of rapid growth.

In late 2013 we embraced the ALTA best practices for information security.

In 2016 we completed a comprehensive technology upgrade focused on efficiency, dependability and security.
At the heart of this upgrade is an advanced imaging system designed to maximize the ease by which millions of images flow through and are stored in our system. We believe this is state of the art technology with features we have not found anywhere else.

Our team shares the highest ideals of responsibility and dependability. We consider it our duty to satisfy each and every client one order at a time.