Committment to Excellence

Customer Service

This is where we excel. We are not satisfied until you are. We are determined that your experience with our team is pleasant and successful. We know what you are up against trying to satisfy your customers. We are equally determined to satisfy you. Nothing makes us happier than making you look good! We know that you don’t have time to waste on unreturned calls or slow and confused status checks. We have always been 100% customer responsive. We have the technological infrastructure to ensure you will get fast and accurate information whenever you need it, as well as a helpful employee on the phone when you need one. We are constantly reviewing and studying our procedures in order to improve the service and quality of our work. To that end, we encourage any suggestions or comments you may have to help us improve.

Secured Delivery

We can return completed orders by email, fax or you can download them from our secured client web portal. We can also set up a secured email connection between our companies so that every email between us will be encrypted all the way through without the need for passwords. All completed orders are permanently archived on our secured website and available for you to view, print or download at any time for no additional fee.


We won our client base through effective on-time service and very competitive pricing. A unique structure perfectly suited to your company can be set-up by calling 859-654-2890 x2012 or send us a message using the Contact Us form.

Document Retrieval

Document Retrieval

We search for any kind of real estate document that can be recorded at the county, and can quickly provide Abstracted Information, Plain or Certified Copies. This service is available nationwide.

DRN Document Retrieval Network. Real Estate Title Search, Document Retrieval & Recordings
  • Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Satisfactions / Releases
  • UCC searches
  • Deed searches
  • CEMA
  • POA
  • Notice of default
  • Trustees deed

Title Search

Title Search

Real Estate and Real Property Title Search

Although we cover every county in the country for document retrieval services, we are currently performing title search services in these states:


Our staff consists of over 90 full time title professionals. About half of our staff are employee abstractors located in key counties throughout our region.

In addition to our employee abstractors, for 15 years now we have been aggressively developing the most extensive network of trained independent abstractors available to provide total redundant coverage in our entire footprint. In most counties, we have two or more backup abstractors who have worked for us for many years.

Through this team, we process over 100,000 orders each year. These reports are used by foreclosure attorneys, real estate attorneys, title companies, title insurance underwriters and others to conduct their business transactions. These transactions include new purchases, refinanced loans, home equity loans, new construction loans, foreclosures and more. All searches are insured with errors and omissions insurance.

Types of searches we can provide:

DRN Document Retrieval Network. Real Estate Title Search, Document Retrieval & Recordings
  • Current owner
  • 2 owner
  • 21 year
  • 30 year full
  • 42 year full
  • 60 year full
  • Pre-Foreclosure
  • REO
  • Easements and restrictions
  • Environmental liens
  • Tax search
  • Update and recording
  • Deed Report
  • Customized searches

Recording of Documents

Recording of Documents

DRN is the only address you need for recording of your documents in any county in the USA. Wherever e-Recordings are available we can do them for you. We can also walk in and record any document anywhere you need. Our recording division will first inspect the document to be recorded to ensure it will pass county regulations. If there is a problem we can’t fix we will call you immediately for instruction. This process eliminates most rejects saving substantial time and money. Timestamp copies, court certified copies, or the original documents will be quickly and effectively returned to you.

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