Title Search, Document Retrieval, and Recording Services

Since 1999, Document Retrieval Network has completed almost 2 million title searches, document retrievals, and recordings for banks, title companies, and attorneys to use for document preparation and real estate transactions. Title Search, Document Retrieval, and Recording Services

We manage a highly trained team of employee abstractors and maintain a nationwide network of carefully selected independent abstractors to ensure that you receive the best turn time and quality possible.

Title searches are currently offered in KY, OH, IN, IL, MI, NJ, NY, PA and TN. Document retrievals and recordings are offered nationwide.

Commitment to Excellect Service

Count on us for nationwide coverage, reliability, high quality searches and fast turn times. We cover all your searching needs and save you from chasing down multiple searchers for results. We get accurate ETA’s, and find the best abstractor in the county to allow you to focus on your borrower, and quickly get to the closing table or file foreclosure documents.

Our highly trained, US-based staff is always available to discuss the search results to help you complete the transaction.

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