Data Management System

Our software is a vital component that facilitates the services we provide to our clients. Our Data Management System is the product of 19 years of continuous development by our in-house team of developers and is highly customized around the products we provide. It features an impressive Document Management system that currently houses over 8 million documents, complete order workflow/lifecycle management, vendor management, and CRM functions. This system has processed nearly 2 million orders so far and has the ability to scale to meet any demands of the future. Our software is built with speed, user experience, and flexibility as foundational goals thus allowing us to accommodate and adjust to any client needs.

Document Retrieval Network. Real Estate Title Search, Document Retrieval & Recordings

Client Web Portal

Document Retrieval Network was one of the first companies to offer 24/7 access to client’s imaged documents online and at no additional charge. We archive the images of all your completed orders that you can retrieve from us directly or via our website as often as you need.

You can do the following on our web portal:

  • Place orders online
  • View open orders
  • Check status on orders individually or in bulk
  • Retrieve completed orders in TIFF or PDF format
  • View invoices
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