Security and Compliance

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The DRN Management Team realized many years ago that data security, reliability, and compliance with industry best practices will be essential to maintain our leading edge.

In practice we are a public records research company and do not handle non- public information. However, the fact that a particular search has been requested may indicate a private transaction is in process and this information could be considered confidential. DRN treats all data in our system as confidential.

Most of our clients are required to secure the confidentiality of their data as well as to assure proper data security by their third party vendors. We have worked closely with customers to assure that we are meeting the standards they require of third party contractors.

DRN has carefully followed the development of new CFPB regulations. We took a commitment to implement best practices for Data Security even before ALTA had released its recommendations, which we have now adopted.

DRN has a designated Data Security/Compliance Manager whose duty it is to research, implement and track all issues related to NPPI (Non Public Personal Information).

DRN’s Data Security, Business Continuity, and NPPI Security Programs consist of a combination of planning, documentation, technology, personnel training, and supervision.