We do not publish the names of our clients in order to protect their confidentiality. If any of our clients or verified potential clients are interested to know whom we are quoting, please call us at 859-654-2890 x2011.

“Dear Nathan, I would like to say that you must know that I really love your company. I have been with this company for 10 years and your company is one of the few that was here before I got here. I still have some of the pottery that you sent us. I know that your staff works hard to get the work done at a great turnaround time. Regarding the list of slow NM counties, I would like to keep you in those counties as they are more rural and you are more likely not to get much there. Please do pound on those counties for abstractors. I know that you can do it. I would like to acknowledge both Pati and Jessica as they are true gems in getting things back to us. I know that newbies in our department do put on added pressure for your crew but they are being pushed here as well. Should that happen, please feel free to email and let me know what is going on. Thanks!”

“You have set a new record of super fast turn around time. A few weeks ago I was amazed with a five-hour turn around time for an order in Racine County, Wisconsin. This morning I asked if we could do a rush order in Mercer County, NJ, for a loan that would go out of compliance in seven days. I faxed the order over at 8:34 AM PST and received the completed order at 9:27 AM PST. Thank you for the quick turn around time. We handle all our research requests based on state compliance. We have to ensure we still have time to process our releases and sending them out for recordation, all within state compliance. Thank you for the great service.” H.S.

“The GOOD NEWS for YOU is that the Mortgage Company has asked me the name of the company I keep bragging about – and I’ve provided them yours. They are interested because I’ve explained not only the turbo-turn-times but the incredibly thorough and personalized service. Even if our client decides to handle the recordings themselves, (I’m 80% sure they will ask us to help), they were VERY impressed with how I explained YOUR company does business. I am a die- hard believer that a solid REPUTATION in the industry is how a business grows. You do an incredible job and it’s my pleasure to plug your name any time I get the chance!” M.M.

“I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with your company. Thank you for responding to our problem. We absolutely LOVE the Status Check on your website. That is an immense help to my Document Retrieval Representatives. I want you and your colleagues to know we really value the working relation we have with your company. We are very pleased with the work that you have done for us and the time and effort you personally put forth. We are also thankful for the quick response to our problems. Thank you again and have a great day!!” T.M.

“I was asked to measure the speed / accuracy between your company and another large one. You came out on top and I just communicated that to the VP this morning. Told her not only that but in very tough situations, there is a personal approach – and creative – that gets the job done. We just haven’t been able to get that anywhere else. She agreed that I should send this huge batch to you. Having a company like yours exceed expectations makes the difference.” M.M.

“I just wanted to let you know that we ordered this title as a super rush on 4/20 mid day and received it back from your office last night (04/21). We really appreciate everything you do for us. We missed ordering this title last month and came close to being late in filing the foreclosure complaint with our client. I just wanted to say thank you for the best turn times we've ever had! You and your team are great!” V.E.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your hard work. I [called] today with an order that we had to pull from another vendor. I explained that I needed the order on a rush because it has been out several weeks. I placed the order just before 10:00am and had the completed search in my email by 1:30pm. I am truly impressed. You provide great service and we really appreciate it.” N.S.

“I want you all to know how much I appreciate the way you sent this work back to me. It had "personal and confidential" and my name written on it. It usually takes a week longer for me to get this kind of work back. I also want you to know how much I appreciate the web site and the way we get our documents back from that. Of all the companies we deal with, you are the best.”

“I wanted to write a quick note on behalf of the whole staff here to say thank you for doing a great job for our company. It is really a pleasure working with you. The price is very reasonable, delivery is timely, copies are clear and legible, your employees are friendly and helpful, and we enjoy working with all of you. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Thank you!” E.W.

“I would like to offer my personal thanks for all of the hard work you have been doing this year, but especially for the hard work you have been doing the past three weeks. This is an extremely competitive business, and you are helping keep our company ahead of the curve. We could not do it without you, and I want you to know how much we enjoy working with your company.” C.H.

“It used to be that it would have taken me 20 minutes just to check status on orders. I would have had to run a report, print it, fax it, make sure the transmission went through, wait for the abstractor to call back, and find my reports again. Now all I have to do is log onto your site, click a few buttons, and -- bang! -- there's the data I need. You guys are happening.” J.B.

“I want to thank you for helping me establish a better time to send over our daily orders. The turn time on our orders has really improved. I receive some back with in 24 hours and most of them with in 48 hours. You have a great team. We really appreciate your efforts in providing the best service in the industry. A big thank you to you and all of your staff.” J.Q.

“I want to thank you very much for [this recent order]. Some other searcher said they could get [it] back RIGHT AWAY. It's over a week and I still haven't received it. I have received excuse after excuse. Document Retrieval Network never lets me down, and I have learned my lesson - No place is better or faster than you guys...thank you VERY much.” C.R.

“We know we can count on you guys to always come through in a very timely way in all of our regular orders as well as the on rush requests. You really give great customer service. This really is an excellant example for us as we celebrate National Customer Service Week. We all really appreciate your great service. Thanks a million.”

“You rock, you guys are awesome... I called in just a little bit ago letting you know I needed an additional page from a mortgage today. And I just got it. Most companies tell me I will get it today and then I don't see it til the next day. You guys got me what I needed and did it that day. You rock and I will be sending you more work.” D.F.

“[The documents I received from DRN] were of much better quality than the ones received one day earlier from a local examiner. The other copies from the same order were received days ahead of the local. I'm not sure how DRN is able to beat out the New York companies when you are based in Kentucky, but I LIKE IT!”

“Thank you for the quick turn around on the rush orders. Also, I really appreciate the notes in the comments on your completed orders. Your fast turn around time really makes a difference when we are meeting compliance deadlines. Thank you for all of the great service. Once again you all do a great job.” J.Q.

“I would just like to let you know how helpful my DRN account manager has been to me. She has gotten me things for files that I was beating myself up over trying to figure out how to get fixed and she took care of what I needed ASAP...and these are files that DRN had nothing to do with.” E.S.

“Yesterday I submitted several requests.... I received these requests 'late' and asked for 'rush' handling -- I have already received two back this morning. This is outrageously great service and deserves HUGE recognition and appreciation. Thank you all so very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” K.W.

“Just wanted to give you guys a shout out and let you know how much we have appreciated your wonderful service. Document Retrieval Network has been instrumental in helping our Final Docs department reach an insurmountable goal! We appreciate your quick, professional responses.” S.C.

“Submitter's Name: JamiebCompany Name: _____________ Price: Excellent Turnaround: Excellent Copy Quality: Excellent Electronic Delivery: Excellent Accuracy: Excellent Customer Service: Excellent Status Reports: Excellent Return Calls: Excellent Comments: I LOVE DRN!”

“I am a big fan of your company and while I am a pest (ask around your office), I really, really appreciate how fast and accurate your service is. We have stopped using 'the other guy' altogether for our title reports because you are doing such a good job.” C.H.

“It is really important to us to know we have someone we can count on to get the job done. The President of our company needed that document as soon as possible, and you got it for us in less than two business days. You really do great work. Thank you.”

“Another great job! Yesterday, about noon, one of the VPs asked if there was any way to get copies of documents within 24 hours. A quick call to DRN and the process started. When I arrived this morning, the email with the completed order was here.”

“We are extremely happy with your product and your turn around time! And you can rest assured we are not looking for a new title search company, and we continuously push back when our underwriter requests we use their in-house title search company.”

“Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to an awesome team. For me, the DRN team ranks as extraordinary. In all situations, you have stepped up to bat with such ease to deliver excellent, consistent document and customer support services.” M.B.

“Thanks so much for all of your help with the difficult loan...in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. You handled this difficult situation in a very pleasant and persistent way. I really appreciate the great customer service you all provide”

“Yesterday I placed a rush order for a copy of a mortgage. I received it today. Also, yesterday I received two orders that were placed earlier in the day. Same day service is outstanding!! We all really appreciate the great service.” J.Q.

“Just wanted to thank you so much for getting these to us so quickly. You have been doing terrific work for us and we truly appreciate it. We will certainly be sending you more business in the near future.” J.M.

“I was very pleased with your turn-around time in the New York counties. We will start trying you out in some of the other states you cover. My staff has nothing but good things to say about your company.” K.P.

“You...have been wonderful in providing the information quickly and answering any of the questions I've asked. Thank you so much! We will definitely be throwing more work your way in the future!” Y.C.

“Wow that was really fast!!! Diane received the completed order in less than two hours after I talked with you this morning. You all do a great job and really go that extra mile for us. Thanks a lot.” J.Q.

“Thanks for quickly delivering the documentation I needed for this case. Please thank your researcher for digging back into this case and finding the documents. Your team does a great job!” T.B.

“You really did a great job on such short notice. No one else could do a walk in recording and return it to me so quickly. You have the best service in the business. Thanks a million.” J.Q.

“Thank you VERY much for retyping that long legal instead of sending it back to the researcher and possibly costing us a day. You are my official 'Hero of the Day'! Thank you, DRN!” A.B.

“I would also like to say thanks; working with you has been a pleasure. Without the hard work that DRN puts forth on every project, our projects could not, and would not, succeed.” K.C.

“Wow!! This request for a copy of the satisfaction filed in Schuyler County IL took less than two hours!! You all really do a great job and we appreciate it. Thanks a million.” J.Q.

“Our firm really enjoys working with you and appreciate all of your efforts, especially with our more difficult clients. Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!” K.G.

“I wanted to let you know that myself and my co-workers are all very impressed with your reports. Your company does an excellent job. Keep up the good work!!” R.D.

“Have I ever told you how encouraging it is to see emails from you at all hours of the night? It’s nice to see someone as into their business as I am.” C.H.

“You all are doing a great job and we really appreciate it. Now, we just need to get the housing market growing at a healthy rate again!!!!!!!!!” J.Q.

“I really appreciate receiving this rush exam quickly. You are doing a great job and I look to expand my references to you. Thank you very much.” E.S.

“If I haven't told you already - you guys have just done a bang-up job! I am so impressed with you and your company! Keep up the good work.”

“Well you guys have definitely made my day. I have had such a hard time with this. I will be going to you guys from here on out.” B.K.

“You are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for such great service !!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” K.W.

“Yay!!!! Awesome!!! You are the BEST title company I work with so I’m always thrilled when you can do a search for me!!!!” K.N.

“I really appreciate you accomodating us recently on Rush orders. You guys are doing an awesome job! ” D.B.K.

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all you guys do. I really appreciate all you guys do to help me out!!!!” S.B.

“LOVE the report! Thank you so much and I have no complaints about turn times. I LOVE YA guys” S.P.

“We got it back and it was perfect. Good turn around time also. I appreciate all your help.” B.B.

“Thank you for always providing such awsome customer service. It's greatly appreciated!!” J.R.

“I appreciate you, your team and their efforts. It has been absolutely my pleasure!!!” L.S.

“No late KY or IN file on the Exams Due Late Report !!!!!! YEA
Way to go DRN” B.K.

“Thanks for listening to us and we appreciate the wonderful customer service!!” S.F.

“Wow that was quick. You guys are the Best! Thanks and have a great weekend.” K.E.

“The clients are impressed which means more work for you! Thank you!”

“I had about 4 other abstractor choices, but I 'wuv ou' da most!!!” S.B.P.

“As always, thanks for all of your help!! You guys rock :)” K.N.

“Let me start out by saying you guys ROCK!!!! Thank you!”

“Thank you again, I can always count on you to deliver!” C.D.

“YOU ROCK PAM!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!” L.S.

“I just got it .. thanks for your hard work!!” T.W.

“You're a miracle worker. I love you!!!” A.V.

“AWESOME – thank you so MUCH!!!!!!!!” M.K.

“YOU ROCK MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!” L.S.